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We rent out a lot of pro audio equipment and lighting. But by far our most popular rental is our $99 Do It Yourself DJ Package. Now you might be thinking: Isn’t it a little counter intuitive for a DJ company to be renting out easy to operate systems so people can DJ their own dances? Truthfully no and the reason is quite simple. There are a lot of smaller events that just don’t require a full blown DJ. Think summer barbecues, graduation parties, a weekend at the lake, etc. There are numerous events where people just want to rent something simple that they can set up themselves and plug their phone in to play their favorite playlist. That’s exactly where our DIY DJ package comes in!

With the DIY DJ package you get a sound system that includes two 10″ speakers as well as a 10 channel mixer that includes an aux cord, microphone and speaker stands. Music and announcements are covered! But we go even further and include an easy to set up all in one lighting system that includes two par cans, two derby effects, a micro galaxian laser as well as 4 LED strobe lights! Your party is set and the lighting sets the mood.

But it doesn’t stop there! We also have a wide array of add-on’s to enhance the DIY DJ Package. Need a wireless microphone instead of a wired one? Want more lighting or more bass with a subwoofer? Perhaps you want a bigger light show? We’ve got all that covered so you can take our standard DIY DJ Package and customize it into the perfect system for your event!

Do you want even more customization? Forget the DIY DJ Package and build your own system from scratch! We offer Speaker Rentals, Lighting Rentals, Microphone Rentals, Mixer Rentals, DJ Controller Rentals, and so much more!

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