Furman ASD-120 2.0 (Rental)

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Power Distributor


Sequenced Power for Worry-free Operation
The Furman ASD-120 2.0 sequencing power distributor is a lifesaver for touring PA systems, mobile recording facilities, and on-location film and video shoots. By switching the devices in your rig on and off in a delayed and orderly sequence, the ASD-120 2.0 protects you from blown speakers and other issues caused by powering up your gear incorrectly. The ASD-120 2.0 features six delay banks with adjustable delay of up to seven-minute intervals between banks, providing you with complete control over how AC power is distributed to your system. Safeguard your gear and speakers with the Furman ASD-120 2.0 sequencing power distributor.

Furman ASD-120 2.0 Sequencing Power Distributor at a Glance:

  • Sequenced outlets protect your speakers and other valuable equipment
  • Convenient three-position front-panel switch
  • Can use multiple ASD-120 2.0s in combination
  • Each ASD-120 2.0 handles 120 amps of incoming power

Sequenced outlets protect your speakers and other valuable equipment
Most of the time, equipment damage occurs while devices are either powering up or powering down. Power sequencing allows your gear to power up in stages, which provides adequate time for each unit to stabilize before the next piece of gear powers up. It’s a bit nerve-racking when you power up your rig and you hear that dreaded “pop” sound erupt from your speakers. The sound is not only startling, it also induces a sick feeling in your stomach as you wonder – Are my speakers blown? By delaying the activation of your speakers and/or their amplifiers until the rest of your rig has powered up, you can eradicate speaker pop.

Convenient three-position front-panel switch
The live sound gurus here at Sweetwater love the Furman ASD-120 2.0’s simplicity. On its front panel is a three-position switch for each circuit that allows the circuit to be a part of the power up/down sequence, or to remain on or off apart from the sequence. There’s an LED as well that indicates when the powering sequence is in process. You can initiate the sequence with either momentary or maintained switches – both locally and remotely. There’s a duplex outlet for each delay step and a locking switch with removable key for maximum security.

Can use multiple ASD-120 2.0s in combination
Since the sequence control signals are also located on the rear panel, one or more ASD-120 2.0s can be installed in remote locations and operated via low-voltage control wiring. The sequence control signals can also drive Powerports, MiniPorts, PS-PRO and PS-8-R Power Sequencers, or any other circuits that need to know when their particular delay time has elapsed.

Each ASD-120 2.0 handles 120 amps of incoming power
The Furman ASD-120 2.0 can handle up to 120 amps of incoming power, distributing it to six 20-amp, 120-volt circuits. Each circuit has a front-panel status indicator that lights up when it’s turned on and a 20-amp duplex outlet on the rear panel.

Furman ASD-120 2.0 Sequencing Power Distributor Features:

  • 20-amp, 120-volt AC-sequenced power distributor and controller
  • 6 delay banks with adjustable delay intervals of up to 7 minutes (maximum sequence time of 35 minutes)
  • Front-panel status power LED, bypass switch, and circuit breaker for each delay bank
  • 3-position switch allows each circuit to be part of the power sequencing, or to be switched on/off independently
  • Sequence unit on or off from the front panel or by remote switch
  • Remote interface with an isolated 12VDC, 250mA power source for external secondary applications
  • Signal level relay contacts for controlling and sequencing other units
  • Front-panel key switch and anti-tamper DIP cover for security
  • Force off control for emergency shutdown
  • Rugged 2U chassis


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