Draper Truss-Style Cinefold Screen 221008 (Rental)

From: $170.00

10.5’x14′ Projector Screen (Front or Rear Projection)


Truss-Style Cinefold Portable Folding Screen

  • Front or Rear Projection
  • 10.5’x14′ Viewable Screen Surface

A portable folding projection screen, the Truss-Style Cinefold features an extra rigid truss-style frame that accommodates large audience presentations. Engineered with special frame stiffeners, heavy-duty leg stabilizers, and anti-sway stabilizers to provide extra reinforcement and durability. The screen snaps onto the perimeter frame for easy assembly to provide a flat viewing surface for better image quality. Truss-Style Cinefold combines the simplicity of design with rugged components that withstand the rigors of repeated set-ups and tear-downs making it ideal for auditoriums.

Black Dress Kit Available (Draper 222008)


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